18,029 Prime Hunting Acreage
RMS manages the land and expects us follow the RMS Good Neighbor Policy listed in the club rules.

The name of the association is CAMDEN HUNTING CLUB
The purpose for which this club is formed is"the establishment and maintance of a hunting club; the protection, preservation and propagation of deer, squirrels and other wild game animals, birds, fish and certian other wildlife; the cultivation of the art of good sportmanship, and the leasing of lands or certain rights and privileges therein and thereon for these purposes".
The term for which it is to exist is year to year JUNE 1 thru MAY 31 and extended for one year periods thereafter until the purpose of this club is inconsistent with the primary aims of Resource Management Systems as to their management of land and timber.
Consisting of approximately 18,029 acres of land.  Land is managed by RMS and being about 10 miles southeast of Camden in Polk and Tyler Counties.
(a) A membership shall consist of a member and a member's family, including his wife, minor children not otherwise eligible for membership, unmarried daughters and member's unmarried son while in school or full time college regardless of age. All service persons serving their first enlistment term and who were formerly eligible members or dependents, will remain eligible to hunt provided such person remains single.
(b) Membership in the club shall be limited to one hundred six (106) paying members.
(c) Membership fee is $ 1,600.00 and the dues will be set annually by the Board of Directors. A deposit of $ 300 is due March 1 and the balance including any campsite fee ($200.00) is due May 1 each year.Those members not making a timely deposit or notifing the Board of Directors of their intentions will be considered  as drop outs as of March 1. Those not paying the remaining balance by May 1 are also considered drop outs.
(d) The Board of Directors is authorized and directed to terminate the membership of any member for non-payment of the amounts described under section (c) above.
(e) The termination of any membership in the club for any reason or cause whatsoever shall operate as a release by the holder of such membership to all rights, title, interest, and claim in and to property and assets of the club, as well as all rights and privileges of membership in the club and club grounds land premises, and other improvements. The terminated member will have 30 days to remove all property.  Any property not removed from club will be forfeited.
(f) Membership in the club shall be obtained and vacancies in the membership shall be filled in the following manner:
   (1) Persons desiring membership with the club can do so by submitting name,address,cell phone number and email address on the website or email @ [email protected] or submit a note or letter with the above information and name of member of club if you know someone, and file with secretary. A member of the club can turn in application if the above method is followed. The applications will be filed by date for vote by Board of Directors on a first-come, first-serve basis as vacancies arise.If applicant should have to decline the nomination for membership but would like to try later, the name will be dropped to bottom of list.
   (2) There will be two lists available-- (a) one for the children of members of the club who are no longer eligible under their parent's membership and (b) one for all other applicants. The list of club member's children will have priority over outside applicant list.
   (2-b) to be eligible under (2-a) above the child's parent has to be a member of the club prior to the child's 18th birthday and soon as child is no longer eligible to hunt under parent's membership ( either by marriage or completing school or full-time college ) their name should be placed on the applicant list. When there is an opening, the applicant is nominated for membership. If for some reason membership is declined for now , but would want to get in later, application for membership would have to made through the outside list.
   (3) Any member ( after being a member of the club for at least fifteen years) reaching retirement age and depending mainly on social security income will not be required to pay full dues. Anyone retiring after January 1984 will be required to pay one half the annual dues as a retired member. Each case will be reviewed by the Board of Directors before becomming effective.
 VI - Board of Directors
The Board of Directors shall, among others, have the following powers:
   (a) To control the affairs, funds, property, and all other rights and privileges of the club and its members.
   (b) To suspend or expel members, or to impose such disciplinary treatment of punishment as may be deemed adequate, by ballot, by majority vote of the Board of Directors present , shall expell, suspend, or inflict disciplinary punishment upon a member for any reason deemed by them sufficent.
   (c) Fill any vacancy that may occur in the membership of the board until the next meeting of the board, or until a successor is elected.
   (d) To make and amend rules for the use of the club by its members, and for their conduct while on the grounds.
   (e) To make and amend rules for the admission of strangers or vistors.
   (f) To make, authorize and amend rules for its own goverment.
   (g) To fix and remit penalties and pay salaries to any employee or employees.
   (h) To expend funds of the club and to create indebtness in the name of the club for the purpose of carrying out objectives and purposes thereof; and to make contracts for improvements, to lease lands and purchase equipment and supplies.
   (a) No member shall kill over ten (10) squirrels in any one day, or thirty (30) in any seven (7) consecutive days. No more than thrity (30) squirrels shall be allowed to any one membership in seven (7) consecutive days.
   (b) All game taken will be counted against membership quotas. Quotas will be subject to change each year and current information will be given to all members annually before hunting season begins.
   (c) Dogs shall be allowed on premises for duck retrieval, squirrels and birds as determined annually by the Board of Directors.
   (d) Bow season for deer is limited to members only and State law dictates this season. Deer taken during bow season count toward your limit for the season per membership.
   (e) Any violation of these laws or rules of the club, or any violation of any Federal or State game law, by a member, or a member's family, or guest as case may be, will subject the particular member to penalty of suspension or expulsion, or such other penalty as the Board of Directors may determine to be proper and adequate punishment .
   (f) Camp sites must be set up according to RMS rules and regulations. Any fines imposed by RMS on camp sites will be responsibility of violating member. Camp site adminstration will be handled by CHC.
   (g) Abusive language to the pasture rider,game warden or any member of the Club will not be tolerated in the Camden Hunting Club.
   (h) Deer stands - Limited to three (3) tagged stands per membership.
        (1) Each stand must be tagged with the metal tag provided by the club and make sure the tag is in plain sight. A 6"x6" or larger sign with name and member number must be on the stand. A stand must be a huntable structure (i.e. ladder, tripod,box etc. in usable condition)All stands must be at least 150 feet from all property lines.  A sign must be placed on the main road entrance to your stand with your member information. 
        (2) Recommended distance between stands is 300 yards for woods and 500 yards for pipelines and straight-a-ways.
   (m) Game must be weighed and registered on the day of harvest, before being taken from premises.  If not, this can be cause for loss of membership.
   (n) Every member must sign in harvested game.  Members can sign in harvested game at the main camp, the Beatty camp or at the lake camp by Gary Kaminsky's camp.
   (o) Rules concerning the hunting of deer, turkey, ducks, hogs and any other game not mentioned above will be formulated annually by the Board of Directors and disemminated to all members in a rules letter.
   (p) Per RMS all guests must sign in at any of the three camps. (this is YEAR ROUND)  This will help ensure RMS and CHC knows who is on the property at all times.  This is a mandatory rule.  Any infractions can result in termination off the club if the Board so deems.