General Rules and Information
1. Stands  must be tagged with your metal tag and a sign (6"X6" or larger) with your name and membership number. Hog traps must have a sign with your name and membership number attached to the trap. Hog traps, ladder stands and climbing stands can only be used in your 300 yard recommended radius of your metal tagged stand. These stands can only be placed toward unoccupied areas and can not create an overlap into another members area. Members can not move stands during bow season unless authorized by a board member. No stands can be moved after the first day of rifle season to the last day of all deer hunting season. 
2.New and existing members are allowed to buy stands from other members, however, this does not mean they will get the area. New members can claim the area after the non-renewing list comes out. Existing members can get the area but only if they do not have three stand areas or are giving up an area. All stands that are not  tagged by club rule are subject to removal by the club. Stands must be at least 500 yards from campsites and at least 50 yards off named roads, public roads or boundary lines.
3. Due to the amount of damage to logging equipment RMS has asked hunting clubs to reduce, if not eliminate, T- POST used to anchor deer stands or feeders and remove any not being used.
4. Beginning Sept.1 - no joy riding.  Travel to your stands only.  Stay out of other members areas.  Beginning with Archery season, please observe the daylight til 10:00am and 3:00pm til dark travel times.

5.Please show courtesy when traveling by other stands and try to avoid disturbing hunters. During rifle season avoid excessive riding during prime hunting hours (daylight til 10 AM and 3:00 PM til dark) Do not ride ATV's during these time periods except going to and from stands.
6. The CHC shooting range is open year round however, beginning Archery season the range hours will be 10:00am to 2:00pm. Please abide by this rule.  Failure to comply to this rule can result in possible failure of membership renewal.
7. It is manadatory that your CHC sticker/CHC hang tag be displayed  at all times while in the club on any and all vehicles. The club will be patrolled by the Pasture rider and the Game Wardens.
8. It is a violation for anyone to enter a well pad.  This is subject to suspension.
9. No motorized vehicles of any kind allowed on lake dams. Members shall not abuse existing roads, pipelines or firelanes by use of vehicles during wet ground conditions. Motorbikes and ATV's may be used in the club but if in RMS opinion their use becomes destructive they reserve the right to prohibit them. NO MUDDING  -  Violation of this rule will subject the membership to suspension. Food plots in roads or pipelines are subject to being crossed by other members. Discing of roads is prohibited and you must leave an access area to cross the food plot.
10. It is the responsibility of the member to keep camps clean of trash and debri.  This is per RMS.
Guest Policy
1. Camp guest are to be confined to  the camp area beginning Sept.1st through all deer hunting seasons. They are not allowed to go along with the member hunting or to ride roads other than to enter and leave the club.
2. After the end of all deer seasons (2/1 - 9/1) guest are allowed to move about the lease with the member. 

3. Members are allowed to bring (2) guest to Hog hunt Feb.1 to Sept.1.  Guests are to be accompanied by the member.

Quality Deer Management Program

As part of the Camden Hunting Clubs expanding QDMA program the club recommends each membership have at least one of the following per membership

1. Protein feeder with protein provided March thru August. This will cover the fawning period plus the entire antler development phase. Please use at least a 14% or greater protein feed.
2. Each member that has a pipeline or highline stand should have a fall and or spring food plot maintained with the proper amounts of fertilizer and lime.