1. Camden Hunting Club will allow night hunting for hogs and coons anytime except Sept.1 through all deer seasons (including muzzler loader and youth season). You can be in possession of only 1 (one) firearm or weapon. You must follow the notification rule listed in Hog hunting, this will be reviewed on a yearly basis.
2. Pasture riders and or any board member may, upon request inspect any member, vehicle or camp.
3. Any hunting violations noted by a member must be reported to the pasture rider or a board member as soon as possible.
4. Tannerite is NOT allowed on the property. 
5. RMS has requested no food plots in clear cuts.  RMS will be doing annual burnings. RMS has deemed NO stands to be placed in clear cuts until the clear cuts are planted and you can clearly recogsnize where the trees will NOT be growing.  RMS has suggested when placing stands in clear cuts to place stands along the edges of clear cuts as this would be a safer  area from risk of the burnings and stands in the way of the growth of the trees.
Buck Harvest Rules
An effective restriction on buck harvest is used in the Camden Hunting Club. Bucks with an inside spread of less than 13 inches will not be harvested.  This will protect a majority of 1.5 and 2.5 year old bucks allowing many to move to the 3.5 year old class. It is recommended that you learn to score deer by Boone & Crockett system and allow the 13 inch class to mature to the 16 inch plus class bucks that are 4.5 years of age and start to score 120 or greater Bonne & Crockett. By allowing this to happen it is not the difference between a basket rack and a 8 pointer, but its the difference between an 8 pointer and a TROPHY.
1. Each membership will be allowed a total of six (6) deer this season three (3) does and three (3) bucks. The Club goal is to harvest bucks of 3.5 years of age or older.
2. Legal bucks . The Camden Hunting Club will use state buck rules this season which only allows the following bucks to be harvested. A buck with an inside spread of 13 inches or better or an unbranched antler on at least one side with a length of 7" or better.  This is basically the same as state rules except for the length of the spike.
3. The fine system is still in effect this year. Any spike under 7" in length or nubbin buck harvested will result in a $200 dollar fine.  Please take caution when harvesting antlerless deer.  Members can not hunt until the fine is paid in full.
4. Please note the fine for a buck that does not meet the TPW buck rules can be up to $1500 dollars and is a violation of article VII  section i of the by-laws.
5. All deer harvested  are to be brought to the weigh station at time of harvest before it is taken to camp or removed. Once brought to the weigh station the deer should be weighed (live weight) and entered in a log book. Failure to comply will subject the membership to non-renewal. 
1. Effective 6/1/16  - NO HOG HUNTING WITH DOGS
2. Members can hunt and trap hogs year round.
3. Traps must be placed within your tagged hunting area and must not infringe on other members hunting territory.
4. Hogs can be hunted at night off your stand. And only with prior notification to the Pasture Rider, Game Warden or Board Member. This applies only after the closure of all deer seasons and ends each year August 31.
1. You are permitted to use retrieval dogs while duck hunting on the club lake.
1. Dogs are permitted for squirrel hunting after the close of all deer seasons until the close of squirrel season.
2. Members may bring 1 guest  to hunt with the member present.  This applies only after the closure of all deer seasons.  This is to ensure safety when there are fewer people in the woods.
1. CHC does not allow any turkey hunting.
Dove and Quail
1. State law and bag limits apply
2. Dove hunting is allowed in the members tagged hunting areas.  Members can hunt other area's with the permission of the member in the area.